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  New Books in Dicember 2011

When two boys, Wild and Woolly, dig a hole in their sandpit, they are very surprised to find themselves in the North Pole.  They immediately begin their journey home. Staying with Santa, the Good Fairy, Prince Charming, the Little Mermaid, the Pirate King, the Gypsy Queen, before finally arriving home, this is one wild exciting journey.  The boys have so much fun, but it is great to be home with their parents again, and sleeping in their own beds.
This is a gorgeous story about adventures, filled with various fairytale characters. Children are able to visit each one briefly and the descriptions of how Wild and Woolly arrive are rhythmic and detailed. The illustrations are colourful and fun, in true Lester style.  Above all, this story shows children the joys of coming home.

Title: The Journey Home
Author/Illustrator: Alison Lester
Publisher: Lothian
Publication Date: 1989
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780734411044
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture book

Mem Fox and Patricia Mullins bring us a farmyard spectacular in this fun story about Hattie, a 'big black hen' who spies something in the bushes. Firstly, she sees a nose. Then a nose and two eyes. Then a nose, two eyes and two ears. The animal in the bushes is revealed bit by bit.

As each new part of the animal in the bushes is revealed, Hattie the hen warns her farmyard friends - the goose, the pig, the sheep, the horse and the cow. None of these animals seem to share Hattie's concern about the slowly advancing animal in the bushes. Young children will recongnise the animal as it is revealed and enjoy sharing Hattie's increasingly long warnings to her friends and joining in as each animal responds with its own particular comment each time.
Title: Hattie and the Fox
Author: Mem Fox
Illustrator: Patricia Mullins
Publisher: Scholastic,
Publication Date: originally published 1986
Format: 25th Anniversary Hardcover Edition
ISBN: 9781741699166
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture book

New Books in November 2011

This beautiful bedtime story follows a conversation between a cute baby owl and his patient mother. With a lovely rhyming text, baby owl keeps asking what he can cuddle – the sky, the stars, the bubbles in his bath and a variety of other impractical suggestions.

Eventually, baby owl gets frustrated that he can’t find something to cuddle that will hold him tight and keep him warm, snuggling into his mother as his questions and thoughts tire him out.

Kerry Brown’s gentle, rhyming story is perfectly complemented by gorgeous illustrations of baby owl by Lisa Stewart that look so soft and fluffy it is hard to resist reaching out to touch them.

This is a perfect bedtime book for toddlers and preschoolers, inviting children and parents to cuddle up together at the end of a busy day or before naptime. With the lilting, gentle story and the wonderfully tactile appearance of the illustrations, children and parents will both be entranced as they read.

Title: Can I Cuddle the Moon?
Author: Kerry Brown
Illustrator: Lisa Stewart
Publisher: Scholastic Australia,
Publication date: April 2010
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781741695540
For ages: Toddler and Preschool
Type: Picture book

Illustrator, Bill Bolton has used the publication of his latest book to highlight the plight of the world’s albatrosses and help support BirdLife’s Global Seabird Programme.

“Whilst visiting the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand I was privileged enough to witness an albatross colony. I was inspired by the majesty and beauty of these birds as they soared above us. What really struck me was their size and effortless flight – their wings were so large that you could actually hear the wind in their feathers as they approached! It’s a memory that I will never forget.

I was already aware of the dangers of longline fishing practices that threatened their survival, and wanted to support BirdLife International’s campaign.”

Being an illustrator, Bill thought the most appropriate way to contribute was to raise awareness of the albatross using a children’s book.

New Books in October 2011

 Buku ini berkulit nipis. Mempunyai 24 muka surat. Di samping itu terdapat tambahan 10 flash card yang menarik untuk dimiliki. Sesuai dijadikan koleksi bacaan kanak-kanak.

Buku jenis board book. Mudah dipegang dan dibuka oleh jari kanak-kanak yang kecil. Di dalam buku ini juga disertakan tekstur binatang-binatang di sekeliling kanak-kanak untuk mereka rasa dengan jari mereka sendiri. Amat MENARIK!!!Sesuai untuk kanak-kanak 18 bulan ke atas. Merangsang kanak-kanak untuk belajar benda-benda yang berada di sekitarnya.